Learn HTML CSS for free

Do you know HTML CSS are the basic skills needed if you are planning to enter the web development field.
Do you know anyone with basic computer skills, having good command on english and a flair for learning can learn HTML CSS for free and start building web pages.

Are you scared of coding?
Not sure how and where to begin learning html css for free?

Learn HTML CSS for Free

This post is a guide for anyone who wishes to learn html css for free and kick start their career in the web development field.

HTML CSS is also a nice to have skill if you are a Graphic Designer or a User Interface Designer or a User Experience Designer.
It is also helpful for content writers as they work with different Content Management systems which requires them to do some basic editing in the code.

This post consist of 2 parts.

Table of content to Learn HTML CSS for free

  • What is HTML
  • What is CSS
  • What is the difference between HTML and CSS
  • How to learn HTML and CSS
  • HTML CSS Tutorials
  • HTML CSS Editors
  • HTML CSS Interview Questions
  • HTML CSS Jobs

At the end of the post I will provide you some guidance on what to learn after html and css.

What is HTML CSS

What is HTML

What is HTML

In short HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies(languages) for building Web pages. 
HTML is used to build the structure of a web page.

Click here to read more about HTML

What is CSS

What is CSS

Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML. CSS is a cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and JavaScript.

CSS is used to improve the look and feel of the web page.

Click here to read more about CSS

What is the difference between HTML and CSS

From the definition it is quite simple, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create the actual content of the page, such as written text, and CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets) is responsible for the design or style of the website, including the layout, visual effects and background color.

Both are different languages that perform different tasks.

How to learn HTML and CSS for free

Here are some of the different ways on how to learn HTML and CSS:

  • Enroll for a course (online or offline)
  • Learn by reading a book
  • Find a mentor/trainer

Here are some of websites using which you can also Learn HTML CSS for free:

If you are wondering how to learn html and css fast, please remember there is no short cut to learn any skill. Everything takes time. You need to give it time and practice a lot

HTML CSS tutorials

While there are many tutorials. Here is the list of some of the best html css tutorials:

HTML CSS Editors

An editor is the software that is used to build your HTML pages and CSS files.

Here is a list of some of the best free HTML CSS editors

HTML CSS editor – Visual Studio Code

HTML CSS Editor - Visual Studio Code

If you’re looking for a robust editor, Microsoft Visual Studio’s free HTML editor edition of their IDE—which supports all the programming languages you’ll ever need—is a great choice. While their paid versions offer more advanced features, this free version includes all the essential tools needed for an HTML editor.

Plus, they throw in some useful tools for mobile app development, such as code sharing between Android and iOS

HTML CSS editor – Brackets

HTML CSS Editor - Brackets

Brackets is a modern, open-source editor with a few interesting features. It works with Adobe Creative Cloud Extract (Preview) to read design data such as colors, fonts, gradients, and more directly from a PSD file and convert it to CSS. It can also extract layers as images, use information from the PSD to define preprocessor variables, and easily get dimensions between objects. This is all possible without ever leaving the editor.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud is a paid service. Extract (its free preview) can be directly installed alongside Brackets.

Extensions are another big plus for Brackets, which can be used to tailor the editor to the user’s needs. New extensions are released every three to four weeks. The robust support for preprocessors also merits mention.

Sublime Text 2 – The Swiss Army Knife

HTML CSS Editor - Sublime 2

No other HTML editor is quite as triumphant as Sublime Text 2. It launched to immediate praise from swooning professional web developers. It is deeply customizable via extensions and JSON files. It’s tough to imagine any functionality outside of Sublime Text’s grasp.

With the aid of Package Control, downloading and installing extensions is a breeze. Because the editor has enjoyed such widespread adoption, there’s an extensive plugin library available, even in addition to those offered on the developer’s website.

Sublime Text 2 stands apart for its extensive documentation, both official and unofficial. Tutorials for Sublime Text 2 are everywhere and lower the learning curve.

Sublime Text 2 is not free. It can be downloaded and evaluated for free with no limits, but if you like it, the $70 license is a very fair investment.

HTML CSS Interview Questions

Inorder to apply for a job you need to prepare yourself with the most common interview questions. The list of questions can be infinite. 

Here are some of my favorite questions that I ask:

  • Different ways to include css in html file and what is the difference?
  • Difference between inline elements and block level elements?
  • What is the difference between position absolute and position fix?
  • When would you use the float property?
  • Different between class selector and id selector
  • What is specificity in css?

You can practice more questions and answers from the links below:


Now that you have learnt and practice HTML and CSS its time for you to find a job.

There is always a need for a HTML CSS developer. 

Here are some links with HTML CSS Jobs

What to learn after HTML and CSS for free?

Now you must be wondering what to learn after html and css?

You should start with Javascript which is a scripting language to make your web pages interactive.

Click here to read more about javascript

Would you like to learn HTML CSS for free by doing?

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I hope this post covers the basic information that is needed to Learn HTML CSS for free.
Please share this post if you found it helpful.
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